99&Onemaking technology work for homeworkers!

Helping businesses maximise home working productivity.

increase productivity by over 20%

by creating technology experiences your employees will love

Imagine if all your employees were happier, more engaged and more productive. Imagine if every employee in your business could spend an extra day every week focused on the things that matter most to the success of your business. Imagine if more people were focused on activities that drive revenue and value rather than increasing costs.

making this change happen takes focus and expertise

That’s where we at 99&One come in. We design, implement and integrate your perfect technology solution for the best results possible.

creatinga modern workplace

Successful adoption of any new technology requires behaviour change, and this change can be tough.

at 99&One, we’re here to help

We build a strong foundation from which new ways of working can be implemented. We start by exploring the needs of your people, then develop a technology solution incorporating Microsoft Office 365, better connectivity through network provision, hardware, and AI solutions to give you the best outcomes for your business.

buildinga culture of change

At 99&One we help you create an environment where people buy into the changes that a modern workplace brings. Through regular communications, training, development, and energy our approach will enable your business to transform how it operates and performs. This will result in your people being more engaged than ever before.


We think so, and we have lots of experience in delivering technology solutions for some of the biggest (and the smallest) businesses in the UK and beyond. We are part of the TeleWare Group, which has almost 30 years’ experience providing technology solutions to customers.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to businesses including:

storythe 99&One

When speaking to businesses, we kept coming up against the same challenges. Business leaders wanted to get more output from the tools they were using, they wanted to drive increased adoption rates and get their people genuinely excited about what they could achieve.

the solution?

So, we set up 99&One with the specific aim of helping businesses reach a tipping point in genuine user adoption enabling our customers to maximise their return from their technology investment. We believe technology configuration should be so user-intuitive that people love to use it, a fundamental driver in reaching the tipping point.

why ‘99&One’?

We decided to call it 99&One after reading a story about the 100th monkey. It’s a story about communication and collaboration and it really struck a chord with us.

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