about us

whowe are

We are a collective of designers, software developers, engineers, behavioural scientists, Microsoft technology experts, marketing gurus, and the most passionate customer service people around.

we are all focused on one thing, making technology work for everyone!

We turbocharge your technology so that it does everything you need and more, whether you’re in the office or out and about. Don’t accept anything less than extraordinary.

whywe formed

the future of work is happening now

And technology is the powerhouse behind it. The companies at the top do not accept ‘one-size-fits-all’ technology though, they adapt it to suit their needs. We think every business should be able to do this, regardless of size, so 99&One was born.

getting significant ROI from technology investment can seem difficult

Getting a significant ROI from technology investment can seem difficult, so we help unlock value by enabling every member of your staff to do more.
We provide fully integrated solutions your employees can rely on wherever and whenever they need them. Combined with AI that powers a personalised experience, we turn your team into superheroes!


technology has the power to transform businesses

But it must work for everyone. Our mission is to help every single person to get the most out of their personalised technology solution.
We do this by creating digital workplaces that empower employees to do more than they, and you, ever imagined.



We do what we say we will and create relationships with impact.


Being bold and ambitious is at the heart of our can-do attitude.


We work best when we work together. We’re approachable and collaborative, connected to our clients, each other, and the world around us.


We change the way people think about work, creating digital workplaces that revolutionise how your business performs.

Our Team


We’re passionate about technology and about making it work for everyone. As part of the TeleWare Group, we’ve got tonnes of experience in building our own technology. We’re also a Microsoft gold partner, so we’re bringing all these skills together as 99&One to create the best productivity and collaboration solutions there are.


You may have read about why we’re called 99&One. So, when we decided that we needed a virtual assistant to help us deliver great experiences for our customers, we created Albert, the 100th Monkey!

Albert uses the latest AI to learn…fast!

He works with employees across all our customers to help them personalise their technology solution and turn employees into superheroes!

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where we explore if millennials could be the answer we need to fix the UK’s productivity crisis


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