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the 100th monkey.


In the 1950s, scientists conducted research on a group of macaque monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima. These scientists dropped sweet potatoes on the ground for the monkeys to eat. One day, a young monkey took the sand-covered sweet potato and rinsed it at a nearby lake, discovering that the sweet potato tasted better washed. 


It didn’t take long for other monkeys on the island to adopt this technique. This eventually (and unexplainably) moved across the water to monkeys being studied in nearby islands. And although these monkeys never came into contact and were separated by water, the act of rinsing food before eating it entered these species' collective consciousness and hence changed their behaviour and their experiences.


This strange event was coined the "100 Monkey Principle" which stated that once a critical number of people's consciousness changed (and in this case that number was 100) a tipping point would occur which would lead significant and permanent change within a social group.


Similar principles apply when it comes to the adoption of new technology within businesses. It takes a leader to have the vision of what can be achieved and a group of brave followers who can help create momentum behind the change.


When they are able to show how the changes are benefitting them through improved communication and collaboration, more people join the movement.

Getting to the tipping point is key. That’s the moment when it is more uncomfortable NOT to get involved than to get involved.


This can only be achieved by having

  • Vision

  • Exciting communications

  • Understanding of your people

  • Ongoing, regular, multi-platform training and development

  • Feedback opportunities

  • Even more exciting communications – sharing stories

  • Reporting and continuous improvements

We believe that if a solution makes life better, the ninety-nine will follow the early adopters. Once the tipping point has been reached, it will become widely adopted within an organisation.

We will always need the trailblazers and innovators to kick-start technology adoption. Then, a process of observation, repetition, teaching, and learning can quickly make the idea or behaviour the norm. This is why we value your champions so highly [link to managed Microsoft IT services - change management].

Albert Assists, [link to Microsoft modern workplace - Albert assists] our unique virtual assistant is also here to help get to the tipping point, offering useful advice and tips to your staff. He becomes more intuitive the more he gets to know you. From suggesting processes that could be automated to assisting with call quality, Albert is at your service.


For us, 99&One brings people more freedom, more choice, and more connectivity; turning your employees into superheroes!