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optimiseit’s time to

We think that Microsoft Office 365 is the greatest productivity and collaboration technology ever. There’s so much in there that has the potential to revolutionalise your business, so you really need to invest in optimisation to get maximum value from it!
As a Microsoft gold partner, we can help you optimise your Office 365. We can also incorporate other productivity and collaboration tools to give you the best solution that will have your employees firing on all cylinders!

every cloud…and all that

Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure has been a game-changer because there is so much more to it than ‘cloud compute’. Since its launch, it’s started unlocking tonnes of cognitive services, revolutionary AI, and even quantum computing. This is inspiring all types of businesses to do more!
At 99&One we’re utilising the best of Microsoft Azure to provide cutting edge solutions for our customers every day.

connectivityit’s all about

one of the biggest hurdles to any mobile working is connectivity

We help teams maximise productivity by providing the best possible connectivity. We find out the networks you already have and the ones you need by identifying the connectivity issues already faced by your employees. We can then connect you to multiple different networks simultaneously for consistency throughout your entire company.

this isn’t a one-size-fits-all model

but a bespoke service that enables individuals and groups to work more effectively and efficiently, by giving them freedom of choice without the headache.


securitysecurity, security,

It goes without saying that security is a big concern for all businesses. That’s why we spend so much time ensuring that every single aspect of our products and services stand up against the most stringent security regulations in the world.

protected from head to toe

Throughout the process of planning, designing, and implementing 99&One solutions, security is carefully thought out to ensure data is safe and secure. The Microsoft tools we use have end-to-end security and proactive compliance.


softwareit’s not just

Our solutions can also include hardware like headsets, phones, computers, devices, and more. This means you can come to 99&One for a complete technology experience that your employees will love.

continuously improving

It’s much easier to improve when we’re tracking how we’re doing. We provide digestible, visual reports that tell you exactly how things are going. So, you can zoom into the areas of the business that need attention… fast!


Albert is our virtual assistant who has been designed to help your business and your people get more from technology and increase user adoption. Information is gathered for reporting and analytics, which is used to feed our AI platforms, creating new insights and unearthing new possibilities for your business.

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